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Why Book a Casino Party?

By ACP Entertainment | March 7, 2024

Are you wanting the feel of a Las Vegas casino at your next party or event but don’t have the budget to fly your entire guest list to Vegas? Bring the casino party to you with our casino party rentals! Now we obviously can’t bring the total atmosphere of Las Vegas to your event, but […]

Party in the Park by ACP Entertainment

Why We Book Out So Early

By ACP Entertainment | January 5, 2024

“We only take what we know we can accommodate while maintaining the highest level of quality possible.”   If you’re getting a quote from us or have booked an event with us in the past, you may have heard us say something like, “We recommend booking as soon as possible, we book up quickly.” Sounds […]

2024 ACP Entertainment Catalog

2024 Catalog Now Available!

By ACP Entertainment | December 7, 2023

Every year, ACP Entertainment expands its offerings with new and spectacular attractions and 2024 is no different! Take a look at our 2024 catalog by clicking here to see what’s new and noteworthy. If you would like a physical copy of the catalog, please email our office at You can also visit our “What’s […]

MISS DIG 811-Identifying Underground Utilities

By ACP Entertainment | December 6, 2023

If you’ve already booked your event with us, you may have seen in an email or your contract that we require you to call MISS DIG 811. You then probably thought to yourself, “well why do I have to do that?” In this article we’ll explain the reason for MISS DIG 811, why you have […]

Anderson Midways

No, We’re Not a Carnival.

By ACP Entertainment | February 2, 2023

We are often asked to bring our carnival rides and midway games to festivals and fairs. While we’re happy to do so, we work in a very different manner than carnivals do. Carnivals come out to your location and directly charge patrons to ride their attractions, play the games and purchase food. This type of […]

All about power

All About Power

By ACP Entertainment | January 22, 2023

To the average Joe, plugging into power is an everyday occurrence. You plug in your phone to charge, the vacuum, blow dryer or something similar every day. But what is that power outlet and will it work for our the equipment you’re renting from us? We’re here to break that down for you. You most […]

Blog new for 2023

New for 2023

By ACP Entertainment | January 9, 2023

Every year at ACP Entertainment, we introduce multiple new and exciting attractions, this year is no exception! In 2023 we are thrilled to introduce over 20 new attractions (with more on the way) and activities and we are also celebrating 15 years of amazing entertainment.   Let’s talk about our rides to start our ‘New […]

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15th Anniversary

By ACP Entertainment | January 4, 2023

In 2023 ACP Entertainment is celebrating its 15th Anniversary. In the 15 years that ACP Entertainment has been in operation, we have serviced over 7,000 events and have had a hand in creating memories for hundreds thousands of kids and families alike. We feel like we have an incredible responsibility to continue creating safe, memorable […]

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NEW-Ice Skating Rink Rentals

By ACP Entertainment | August 7, 2022

  ACP Entertainment is excited to announce the arrival of our newest Winter attraction; the Synthetic Ice Skating Experience. This new skating rink rental attraction is indeed an experience like nothing we’ve ever offered before with a 36’x40′ skating rink rental, adirondack chairs for skaters to take a break from skating, benches to put on/take […]

2022 Catalog Now Available!

By ACP Entertainment | January 9, 2022

Our 2022 catalog is now available in digital form or printed form! Our catalog is a great tool to plan your event with and it’s back in 2022 by popular demand. You can view the catalog online by Clicking Here or a printed version of the catalog is available as well. To receive a copy […]

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