Carnival Rides – A Quick 101

By Evan LaVigne | February 17, 2018

Whether it’s the rush of flying through the air or the thrill of reaching new heights in a pirate ship, carnival rides (also referred to as “hard rides”) are a staple of American Summertime fun. Here at ACP, we have multiple portable hard rides that can be rented out all year long. We specialize in delivering this carnival grade fun to events anywhere in the state of Michigan. While our trained staff takes care of the hard stuff like set-up, safety inspections, and management during events, the excitement of hard rides does come with some responsibility. So to get you up to speed with all you need to know about renting a hard ride, we laid out the basics to know for having a great centerpiece with next event!

We have many attractions that fall under the hard ride category for rental at ACP. However, today we are talking about three rides that are reminiscent of the surefire reminders of fun and adrenaline had at a fair or carnival.


Pirates Revenge

Pirates Revenge Rides

This swinging ship is a full-featured attraction complete with hover 100 LED colored lights and a pirate flag to finish off the look.  Able to seat up to 12 daring participants inside of its hull, the ride can reach up to 18 feet of height and a swing of just over 20mphThis swing ride will have riders both laughing with joy and squealing with excitement as the rise and plummet back down again on a fun-filled voyage.

Ballistic Swing

Ballistic Swing Carnival RideThis chair swing ride is all the thrill of a convertible car ride packed into a 16 seater event centerpiece. The ride features 8 two seater chairs that spin counter-clockwise for a blast of a ride. The ride gradually increases speed and raises the arms until maximum cruising altitude and peak enjoyment is had by all.


The Patriot 

The Patriot Carnival Ride

The newest addition to our hard ride arsenal is The Patriot. This unique ride packs in a rush of adrenaline that is sure to smear a smile on your face. This ride is ideal for all ages and allows for great flexibility of events as it is one of the few hard rides that requires no power. This human-powered ride allows for participants to control their speed, the harder they pump the faster they spin. The Patriot is brand new for the 2018 summer season at ACP and will sport a Red, White, and Blue paint job to stick to its namesake.

101 – Info to Plan Memorable Events

While our rides are routinely inspected and staffed by trained employees, there are some things to keep in mind when renting out one of our attractions. 

  • Proper Space  
    • Ballistic & Pirates Revenge need 30’Wx20’Dx18’H and 45’Wx45’Dx15’H of space. The Patriot only needs 20’Wx20’Dx10’H to squeeze into primetime event space. 
  • A Flat Surface
    • While our units have systems in place to level out an attraction for safety in grass fields, it’s important to start out with as flat as a surface as possible.
  • Enough Power
    • Each hard ride takes a lot of power, requiring at least 1-50 amp circuit each. (Excluding the Patriot)
    • If the onsite power doesn’t satisfy the required amount for the ride, generators are available for rent through ACP.
  • Participants Ready to Have Fun
    • The rides are a blast, so be ready to enjoy a memorable event.

As mentioned before, our staff are trained to set-up, run, and tear-down all attractions. This means they will perform all necessary functions to keep events running smoothly. They are trained on proper ways to buckle riders and ensure their safety for the entire duration of the length of the ride. This includes weather conditions, age & height requirements, and what attire is suitable for riders on our attractions. We are committed to the quality of our events and satisfaction of our customers. Contact us at to learn more and start planning your next event.


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