Open Air Photo Booth

Photo Booths are staple at so many events now a days. Weddings, corporate events, graduation parties, senior all night parties, Christmas parties and even trade shows. Being an open air-style photo booth allows you to have multiple people in the picture, up to 10 when you squeeze everyone in! The best part about our open air photo booth is that when you rent it for your event, we do not require one of our operators to run the booth as it’s fully operational on it’s own. However, we do require you to provide an attendant to watch over the booth at your event. *Props not included


This fully customizable photo booth can have the photo strips printed with your logo, text or image at the bottom of every strip for an additional charge. We can even customize the graphics on screen, customize the music heard and put your businesses branding on the outside of the photo booth. It’s truly fully customizable! (charges apply)


Give us a call to explore all of the options or our open air photo booth rental!

Quick Facts

Size 3'Wx3'Wx7'T
Power 1-20 Amp Circuit, Regular Outlet
Capacity 10
Throughput 200 Per hour
Operators 1 (not included)
Price N/A

Rent our open air photo booth for your wedding, corporate event, holiday party, senior all night party or graduation party in the Grand Rapids area. We also service Lansing, Holland, Grand Haven, Kalamazoo, Big Rapids and all other surrounding Michigan cities.

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