What to Look for in an Entertainment Provider

What to Look for in an Entertainment Provider

By Ryan Strayhorn | January 11, 2018

“What should I be looking for when choosing an entertainment provider? Isn’t it all the same?”


Our goal for every event that we have the pleasure of being a part of is to create lasting memories, but we also strive for a clean and safe environment. When choosing a company to provide entertainment services, it’s important to keep safety in mind because not all companies operate in the same fashion. Below are some great points to think about when choosing an entertainment provider:

  • Age: The age of an inflatable or ride is not only about looks, it’s about the structural integrity and cleanliness of the attraction. The older the attraction, the more wear and tear it has. At ACP Entertainment, we are constantly rotating our inventory to make sure we have the most relevant, cutting edge and safest attractions on the market. This also means we have something new for your event every year!
  • Safe Attractions: We often get asked why we do not have a bungee run, bubble balls or sumo suits. Our answer is quite simple-they’re just not safe. While every attraction has some sort of inherent risk, some attractions are more dangerous than others. Along with sumo suits and bungee runs, we also consider bubble soccer unsafe. Although these attractions may be wildly popular, there have been far to many injuries in the United States on these attractions that have led us to steer clear of them.
  • Cleanliness : At ACP Entertainment, we clean and sanitize our inflatables and rides before or after every event. The attractions will also occasionally be ‘deep cleaned,’ which means wiping the units down from top to bottom and vacuumed on the inside. Bottom line is we want the attractions to be clean for your event and for future events. Often, the attractions that have been in our inventory for multiple seasons will still look brand new!
  • Safe Operations: In the State of Michigan, inflatables and some smaller rides are not regulated, which means safety of these attractions are not enforced. At ACP Entertainment, we follow strict standards to ensure the safety of all guests at our events. This includes using stakes or sandbags to secure inflatables, using landing mats at the end of obstacle courses and orange cones to identify a tripping hazard (like a stake or sandbag)-just to name a few. These extra steps are often overlooked but are very important to the safety of your guests.
  • Insurance: Again, since the State of Michigan does not regulate inflatables and some smaller rides, that also means that you do not legally have to have insurance for some amusement attractions in Michigan. Is it necessary for the entertainment provider to have insurance? Absolutely-no questions asked. ACP Entertainment carries liability, inland marine, workmans comp and auto insurance and can provide your organization as a certificate holder for no additional charge.


If you have any additional questions about our policies and procedures, please do not hesitate to call! You can also find many answers in regards to our policies and procedures by Clicking Here. As the customer, we want you to be as informed as possible while planning your event.

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