New for 2022

New for 2022

By ACP Entertainment | December 22, 2021

Well 2020 and 2021 were quite the whirlwind with the COVID-19 pandemic and although we aren’t out of the woods yet, we’re back with the best new attractions we’ve ever released! Thanks to our incredibly loyal customers, 2021 was the best comeback year we could have ever asked for and because of that we have the pleasure of adding brand new attractions for 2022-including some firsts in the State of Michigan!


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Ferris wheel

We are proud to introduce not 1, not 3, not 5, but 6 new rides for 2022! A first for Michigan; we have added a 40 foot Ferris Wheel which is the first rental-only Ferris Wheel in Michigan. This Ferris Wheel has 10 seats, a beautiful light show and can be custom branded on the back of each seat and on the archway marque via coroplast signs for your business or sponsors.

Another first for Michigan is the addition of the mini drop tower called the Frog Hopper-the only rental Frog Hopper ride in Michigan. This drop tower will be adored by kids as they are lifted 18 feet in the air and then incrementally dropped down and bounced back up again replicating the actions of a frog.

Phantoms Revenge

Also added to our lineup is the new Phantoms Revenge, a swinging pirate ship that is replacing the Pirates Revenge. A first for our lineup of attractions, the Carnival Funhouse will make its debut in 2022 which is the only walkthrough attraction in our entire lineup. The Carnival Funhouse is also the first rental-only funhouse in the state of Michigan. Completely restored, the Little Wheel, a 1954 kiddie ferris wheel, will also join the lineup as a newly beloved attraction for kiddos between 36″ and 54″. Last but not least, the 2 person human gyroscope ride called Gyro Extreme will cap off our new rides for the 2022 season!


Gum Ball Machine Bouncer

While there aren’t too many inflatables that were added to the lineup for 2022, we still have 5 brand new inflatables that we’re geeked about! We have 2 new bounce houses this year, one of which is the absolutely stunning Gumball Machine Bouncer which stands 20 feet tall (that’s a lot of gumballs)! We also added a new Cow Belly Bouncer but this time featuring a brown and tan cow instead of the original white and black.

18 foot double lane inflatable slide

We have also added a new 18 Foot Double Lane Slide that is for dry use only and the Big Kahuna Water Slide. Finally for inflatables, Shooting Stars Basketball joins the interactive inflatable lineup as a larger version of inflatable basketball hoops and is mainly designed for teens and adults.


Digital Games

The Vault Digital Game Rental

By popular demand, we’ve added three brand new games to our Digital Game Lineup! First up is the Spray ‘n’ Race, a first of its kind water race where the players use streams of water from squirt bottles to hit the lit targets with the goal of hitting your targets faster than your opponent. The Vault is the second new Digital Game in the lineup. The goal of The Vault is to “unlock the vault” by landing the spinning lights on specific red targets. You have 30 seconds to unlock all 5 locks on the vault to win! Last but not least, Mega Wire joins the fun with a twisted challenge. Weave a wand with a round metal tip through the Mega Wires obstacles without touching the wire. If you touch the metal tip of the wand to the wire, you lose!

Carnival Games

Ring toss Carnival Game

Another largely requested area of growth for our inventory was in our large carnival game selection. First up, the Mega Ring Toss brings this classic game into a new design with 100 real glass bottles. The Wiffle Ball Toss will test your skills as you attempt to land the wiffle balls into the colors holes that don’t allow the wiffle ball to fall through. Down a Clown is also another classic game with a fresh new design to it where your goal is to knock down as many clowns as possible with the given bean bags. Lucky Ducky Duck Pond is a large duck pond featuring about 100 ducks at a time in 25 gallons of water! Finally, test your hockey and soccer skills with both the Soccer Kick Challenge and the Slap Shot Hockey Challenge.

We look forward to working with you for your 2022 event and maybe even bring one or more of our new offerings. Let’s make 2022 the best year yet! Contact our team of event planning specialists today to start planning; by phone at (616) 826-8220 or by email at

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