Mechanical Hog

Introducing our newest mechanical rodeo experience; Chris P. Bacon, the Mechanical Hog! This mechanical hog ride is the same concept and experience as a mechanical bull but with a hog/pig attachment instead of the bull. The hog ride is “family friendly” and good for ages 2 and up. For the younger ages we ask that a parent stand up there with the child as the operator slowly rocks the ride back and forth, just enough to give the child a good riding experience. Children 5 and up should be ok to ride by themselves. Rent Chris P. Bacon for your next event whether it’s a bike rally, fundraiser, schools or college event, Chris P. Bacon the mechanical hog will be a smash hit!


Check out the video of Chris P. Bacon in action by Clicking Here! 

Quick Facts

Size 16Wx16Dx10H
Power 2-20amp Circuit, Regular Outlet
Capacity 1
Throughput 80-100 Per Hour
Operators 1 (included)
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