Spin Cycle

Spin Cycle is a blast for all ages! Riders have the ability to spin their own car while the ride spins in one big circle. The speed of the individual car is completely determined by the riders-if they don’t want to spin, then they don’t spin! If they want to spin slow, then they can absolutely spin slow and same if they want to go fast! This ride is a classic attraction that everyone loves. Bring it to your next event today!


The the video of Spin Cycle in action by Clicking Here! 

Quick Facts

Size 30Wx30Dx13H
Power 1-50 Amp Circuit
Capacity 18
Throughput 216 Per Hour
Operators 1 (included)
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Our Spin Cycle carnival ride rental is available in Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Detroit, Lansing, Holland, Muskegon, Big Rapids and all other Michigan cities! Spin Cycle is more commonly referred to as “Tubs of Fun” or “Turbo Tubs” but we decided to change it up and call it something new-Spin Cycle seemed fitting! Call ACP Entertainment for any of your carnival or amusement ride needs anywhere in Michigan.

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