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Carnival Game Trailers for Rent in Michigan

What's a carnival without a classic carnival game?! ACP Entertainment proudly offers 3 different game trailers for events in Michigan; Jungle Chase, Water Race and finally Fun & Games. Each trailer is uniquely outfitted with it's own game(s) and have the real look, feel and sounds of what you'd see at a carnival. In fact, these game trailers are exactly what you'd see on the midway at the carnival! All three of the game trailers have prizes included in the rental price, mostly plush prizes varying in size.


Water Race Jungle Chase Carnival Game rental trailersThe Jungle Chase midway game trailer is a roller derby game in which players roll a ball up a lane at different colored targets. Each target is worth a different point amount which determines how fast the game character goes across the track. The game character that reaches the end first wins! Water Race is very similar but instead you have a water gun instead of a rolling ball. In a water gun race game, the players take aim at a moving target with a stream of water. The water race game also has characters that move across the track and the first character to make it to the end wins! Both the Water Race and Jungle Chase trailers are "prize ever time" games, meaning there is always at least one winner. The prizes on thes trailers are all plush prizes with three different levels of winners. The first time a player wins, they get a level one prize. The second time they win, they have the option to get a second level one prize or trade in their level one prize for a level two. If they win a third time, they can trade their level two prize in for a level three. Games are played and prizes are given out every 3 to 4 minutes.


Fun & Games rental carnival game trailerFinally we have Fun & Games. This is the smallest of the 3 game trailers but has 2 different games in it; Clowning Around and 1 on 1 Basketball. The goal of clowning around is to knock down at least 3 clown heads with 5 bean bags. If the player is successful, they win a prize! 1 on 1 Basketball is a prize every time game and the prize is typically a 5" basketball. The players have 45 seconds to score as many points as possible. Due to the height of the hoops and the smaller sized basketball and hoop, it's actually a lot harder than it looks! No tricks though, the balls are normal and the hoops are not ovaled, it's just a good old fashion challenge!


Why should you bring a carnival game trailer to your event? There's many reasons! First and foremost, everyone loves playing a carnival game ESPECIALLY when there are prizes to win. One of the best things you can do for your event is have a memorable take home of some sort and stuffed animals are perfect for a take home gift! Second, the game trailers have a big presence at your event! The Jungle Chase and Water Race trailers stand almost 20 feet tall by almost 30 feet long and have hundreds of dazzling lights on them. Third, high throughput! These games, especially Jungle Chase and Water Race, can accommodate 14 players at once which is 210 players per hour. The Fun & Games trailer can accommodate about 120 players per hour.

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