Airbrush Tattoos

Everyone loves temporary tattoos because they can “live on the edge” temporarily! Our airbrush tattoos are just that, temporary fun! Guests can choose from a wide variety of stencils that our artists will apply to their arm, leg, neck, hand or even their foot.


Airbrush tattoos last about a day or two depending on how they are taken care of and can range in many shapes, sizes and colors depending on what each person would like. All of our airbrush tattoo stencils are “Mom Approved,” meaning nothing is generally offensive or vulgar.


Our airbrush tattoos are available in Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Detroit, Lansing, Muskegon and all other Michigan cities. Call today to get a quote for your event!

Quick Facts

Size N/A
Power 1-20amp Circuit, Regular Outlet
Capacity 1
Throughput 60 Per Hour
Operators 1 (included)
Price N/A
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