Ferris Wheel Rental in Michigan

ACP Entertainment is proud to offer Michigan's first rental-only Ferris Wheel available for events starting in June of 2022! This brand new Ferris Wheel stands 40 feet tall and has 10 cars that can accomodate 20-30 riders at once.

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After years of searching, Wisdom Rides of America came up with the solution we were looking for, a Ferris Wheel that can be quickly setup and torn down and that's not too small or two large for the rental market. Their solution was a 40 foot Ferris Wheel that takes about two hours to setup and take down, respectively. Perfect for the event rental industry! While we don't have many photos of the wheel, we do have a concept picture of the Ferris Wheel which will be similar to the final product. The Ferris Wheel will be bright, colorful and feature a dazzling light show. The Ferris Wheel can also be easily branded for your company or event! Call our team to find out more about customized branding.


Ferris Wheels are a great addition to many events such as:


Our Ferris Wheel will service all cities in Michigan as well as other states including Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, Indiana, Tennessee, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, New York and West Virginia. For pricing and additional information, please contact our office at 616-826-8220.

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