Gem Mining Experience

Experience the gold rush in the 21st century with the Gem Mining experience! Participants will receive a bag of “rough” (bag of dirt with hidden gems and rocks) that they will empty into the screen bottom box that is placed into the flowing stream of water. The participant will use the water to wash away the dirt to reveal their treasures-a mixture of different rocks and gemstones. This attraction can accommodate up to six participants at one time.


One of our team members to operate the attraction and 100 bags of rough are included in the initial 4 hour base rate. Additional bags of rough are $5 each. With 6 participants playing at one time, up to 75 bags of rough can be used in one hour. You can adjust the amount of participants that participate at one time accordingly to your supply and budget.


Bring this unique attraction to your next event, its something your guests will definitely remember! Ask our team about customization for your event or brand.

Quick Facts

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