Synthetic Ice Skating Experience

How amazing would it be if you could bring an ice skating rink rental to your event, but is it impossible? Not anymore with our Synthetic Ice Skating Rink! This speciality designed synthetic material sets up in matter of a couple hours and requires no water, no freezing time and can be used in any temperature making it possible for you to rent an ice skating rink for your next event. We call it the “Synthetic Ice Skating Experience” because it’s more than just an ice skating rink.

Included in the ice skating rink rental is:

  • 36’x40′ synthetic ice rink
  • 90-100 pairs of real ice skates
  • Ice skate distribution tent
  • Music
  • Fencing to surround the rink
  • Lights to illuminate the rink (evening events only)
  • Carpet/padding to surround the rink
  • Chairs for skaters to take a break
  • Benches to change in and out of ice skates
  • Our staff to set up, operate and tear down the entire experience

It truly is an experience! Our synthetic ice rink rental is available in Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. Not only is this a great attraction for Christmas and holiday events, it’s a great option for any Winter event-indoor our outdoor. Call our team to inquire about renting our ice skating rink for your next event!

Quick Facts

Size 50'x60' (Ice rink is 36'x40')
Power 1-20 Amp Circuit, Regular Outlet
Capacity 30-40
Throughput N/A
Operators 2-Included
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Q: Are there certain temperatures the ice rink can/cannot operate?

A: No, that’s the beauty of a completely synthetic ice rink. You can operate it at any temperature.


Q: Can my guests bring their own skates?

A: Yes! Participants can bring their own ice skates if they’d like to.


Q: Can shoes be worn on the ice rink if a parent wants to walk with their child?

A: All participants must be wearing skates and cannot walk on the ice rink with shoes on.


Q: How long does it take to set up?

A: The setup process takes 2-3 hours and about 2 hours to take down.


Q: What surfaces can the ice rink be set up on?

A: The ice rink can be set up on any clean solid surface, indoors or outdoors. It cannot be setup on grass, gravel, rocks or dirt.


Q: Can the ice rink be used in the rain and snow?

A: Given the nature of the rink, it can absolutely be used in rain and snow. Snow will just have to be shoveled off periodically.


Q: How long is the rental for?

A: The base rental rate for the ice rink is 4 hours of operation but that time can easily be extended by the hour, days or even weeks if you’d like to have a long term rental.

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