Our beautiful 8 foot cherry craps table can be the centerpiece for your next event. Our craps table rental comes with two dealers who know the game like the back of their hands and can help your guests learn how to play the game. Our craps table rental is the perfect addition in a casino themed event for your Christmas party, holiday party, office party or fundraiser.


The pictures above are pictures of our actual craps table and is available to rent for casino parties of all occasions in Grand Rapids, MI and all surrounding West Michigan cities.

Quick Facts

Size 10Wx4Dx4H
Power N/A
Capacity 8
Throughput N/A
Operators 1 (included)
Price N/A

How Craps is Played


While craps is a somewhat complicated game, the general idea of the game can quickly be learned by your guests without knowing all of the ins and outs of how to play. The game of craps is all about the odds and is actually played with dice. One player each round picks 2 out of the 5 available dice and roll/toss them across the table (longways. The player rolling the dice, along with the other players at the table make wagers on the outcome of the roll of the dice.  There are many places on the game table to place your bets and that’s where strategy, knowing your odds and understanding the table layout comes in handy.


To learn more about how to play the game of craps for your next event rental, check out this very informative site with step by step instructions of how to play the game by Clicking Here.

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