How Far in Advance Should I Book an Event?

How Far in Advance Should I Book an Event?

By ACP Entertainment | February 5, 2019

A question that is commonly asked of our booking staff is “How far in advance do I need to book?” Unfortunately, that question often comes too late as they are starting the planning process the week or two before the event. 1 or 2 weeks before your event is (usually) too late to book-especially for a weekend day during the Summer. So when is the best time to book? Now!


Plan ahead graphicWe understand that during the Winter it’s hard to wrap your head around planning a Summer event, but it’s absolutely crucial to start planning early if you want the best availability of our attractions. It’s very common in the Summer months for us to be completely booked out 3-8 weeks out in advance for weekend days. In fact, we often have to “blackout” or close-off Summer weekends earlier in the year because of the amount of events that are already scheduled.


You also may be thinking, “How can your entire inventory be completely booked up?” Well it’s actually not, in fact 100% of the time that we “blackout” or close off a weekend, we still have inventory left in stock. What we don’t have is the man power to bring those attractions to your event or staff the attractions. In some cases our operations team will work with you to drop off equipment one or multiple days early (if it’s not being staffed), but this is not always the case.


Planning early is better than planning lateIn conclusion, we strongly recommend calling as soon as possible to at least get your event date on hold with us. Although a hold doesn’t confirm your date, it at least gets the ball rolling and we can let you know if someone else is interested in your date. Calling early will not only guarantee that we can service your event, it also allows you to have first pick at the attractions for your event. So please, do yourselves and us a favor and start planning your event early. We promise-it’s worth it!



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