Hoverball Archery

Hoverball Archery is a fun and educational archery experience that’s safe! Kids, teens and adults alike can participate in this archery challenge. Players will use a bow and arrow (with a large foam end) to shoot at floating targets. There are 4 targets in total and up to two people can be shooting at the targets at one time.


Safety is a huge factor with any and all attractions at ACP Entertainment and this is no different. These bows and arrows are specifically designed for use by both children, teens and adults. The “tips” of the arrows are 2.5 inch in diameter by 2 in thick foam that is also used in a game called “Archery Tag” in which players hit each other with these arrows. If an arrow goes astray, it will not hurt anyone. Also keep in mind that Archery is taught in schools so this is a great attraction to bring to school events!

Quick Facts

Size 15Wx20Dx8H
Power 1-20amp Circuit, Regular Outlet
Capacity 1-2
Throughput 60 Per Hour
Operators 1 (not included)
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