18' Inflatable Movie Screen

Enjoy a movie under the stars with our inflatable movie screen rentals! Our outdoor cinema screens are great options for showing a feature film, short films or company promotional videos and pictures. If you’re looking to extend your event into the evening, look no further than an outdoor movie with our inflatable movie screen rentals! Our video screen rentals are available in Grand Rapids, Lansing, Kalamazoo, Detroit, Big Rapids, Holland and all other Michigan cities.


IMPORTANT INFORMATION!!! If you are planning a non-residential outdoor movie event, read the information below the pictures!

Quick Facts

Size N/A
Power 2-20amp Circuit, Regular Outlet
Capacity N/A
Throughput N/A
Operators 1 (included)
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Are you looking to host a movie night for your organization? Great! But there’s one big thing you should know-licensing! When you purchase a movie online or from the store in a DVD form, the license that comes with that movie is for private use only. What does private use only mean? It means you can show that movie to your family and close friends at your house, but as soon as you show that movie in a public setting (I.e. school, church or company event) then you have to get the proper licensing to show that movie. That’s when the movie licensing companies come in; Swank Motion Pictures and Criterion USA. One of these two companies are who you need to contact in order to obtain the proper license to show your movie publicly.


Swank Motion Pictures represents studios like Walt Disney, Warner Brothers, Lionsgate, Paramount, Sony, NBC Universal, Dreamworks and others.

Criterion USA represents studios such as 20th Century Studios and SearchLight Pictures.


I’m sure you’re asking, is this really necessary for my event? Unless you’re showing this movie in your backyard, YES! Obtaining the proper licensing is absolutely necessary. The average cost for a license is about $300 so make sure to budget that in when you’re planning your event! ACP Entertainment does not and cannot handle the licensing for your organization, that must be done by the customer/organization. We recommend applying for your license at least 1 month before your event to avoid any hurdles that may pop up.

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