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Are you looking for a full time, part time or seasonal job that you can have FUN while you work? Look no further than ACP Entertainment! Join our team and get paid to have fun! We are are hiring the following positions:

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Although ACP Entertainment stays the busiest during Summer months, we provide entertainment for events year round! In fact we have services that mainly are utilized only during the Summer or Winter months. During the Summer months, we are mainly servicing outdoor events. Outdoor events usually have inflatables, carnival rides and other outdoor activities. During the Winter we mainly focus on arcade games, digital games and casino games. When you work at ACP Entertainment, you have the ability to change up your job roles depending on the time of year!

For example, if you start to work for ACP Entertainment as a team member, you could later train to be a driver or casino dealer. The possibilities to work at ACP Entertainment are endless! We also love to see our team members move up within our ever growing company. Besides event staff, we also have office staff which includes sales, operations, management and maintenance positions. While we may not be hiring for those specific positions all of the time, we are always looking at potential candidates. Since our industry is very specific, we like to train people up and watch them grow within the company!

The possibilities to work at ACP Entertainment are endless, we are excited to have you join our team!

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