Frequently Asked Questions

So, you have some questions about ACP Entertainment?


Do you have questions about booking an event with ACP Entertainment? How about a question regarding an event that you already have booked with ACP Entertainment? We are always willing to take your questions via phone or email, but many of the questions you may have can be answered below from questions that are frequently asked of our staff.  We have a section of frequently asked question when pre-booking your event and a section for event finalization and day of event frequently asked questions below. If you have additional questions other than what's listed here, give us a call!


Pre-Booking and Booking Process FAQ

Q: Do you allow an option to pick up inflatables?
A: No, our staff will deliver and setup all inflatables, rides and some other miscellaneous rentals.

Q: Does ACP Entertainment have insurance?
A: Yes, we are fully insured for general liability, vehicle and workman’s comp insurance. We are happy to provide an insurance certificate or additional insured certificate upon request.

Q: How far in advance should I book my event?
A: Book your event as soon as possible! We are commonly booked out multiple weeks in advance, especially for weekends. On busier weekends or days, we will book out months in advance.

Q: Do you offer rain checks?
A: Unfortunately we do not provide rain check or rain dates.  If your event is rained out and there is no indoor backup location, you can use your deposit towards another event that is to take place within 90 days of the original event. Product availability is not guaranteed for a rescheduled event.

Q: What is your weather policy?
A: In the event of adverse weather conditions, the customer may cancel their event but shall forfeit their deposit. The deposit can be applied towards another event within 90 days from cancelled event. Reschedule an event by calling (616) 826-8220. All rescheduled and rain checked events are based on equipment availability and are not guaranteed until re-booking is complete.

Q: Do you anchor your inflatables?
A: Yes. Inflatables are always anchored with stakes or sandbag weights. It is crucial to tell your sales representative what surface you plan to have the inflatables on.

Q: How windy is too windy for an inflatable?
A: Individual inflatables have their own wind ratings which range from 15mph-25mph. If winds exceed wind limits, they will be shut down for the safety of you and your guests.

Q: Can inflatables be setup on pavement?
A: Yes, we anchor them with sandbag weights. Please tell your sales representative what surface you plan to have attractions on so we can bring the right anchor types.

Q: Can I come in and look at your inflatables and attractions in person?
A: Unfortunately our inflatables and rides are not on display or available to see at our facility. Please refer to our website for detailed pictures and videos.

Q: What is the latest time in the day my event can run to?
A: End of event time restrictions depend on the time of year. Outdoor events cannot be booked past 9pm unless special arrangements have been made with your sales representative. At the beginning or end of the season, event end times may be as early as 7pm. Indoor events can run as late as you'd like, even all night if your event is a lock-in or all-nighter.

Q: How cold is too cold for inflatables?
A: Inflatables can be outside in temperatures 40 degrees fahrenheit and warmer.

Q: Can inflatables and rides go indoors?
A: Absolutely, as long as your indoor location is big enough to accommodate the desired attractions.

Q: Are there weight limits?
A: Each ride and attraction varies on the height and weight requirements. Adults can go on most inflatables and rides, in fact many of them are designed with adults in mind.

Q: Is there a deposit required?
A: We require a 50% non-refundable deposit for all events.

Q: What kind of power is required?
A: All inflatables and some rides take anywhere from 1-3 20amp circuits and some rides take a 50 amp circuit to operate and must be within 100 feet of where the attraction is to be placed. If adequate power is not available, talk to your sales representative about bringing generator power to your event.

Q: Is there a delivery charge?
A: Yes. Delivery and travel charges do apply for all events. Please call our office for the current mileage and minimum rate.


Event Finalization and Day of Event FAQ

While many questions you have may be answered here, please refer to your contract for specific details and information regarding you event. Your contract will have specifics on delivery time, delivery type, anchoring information, etc.

Q: What time will your crews arrive?
A: Our crews can arrive any time after 7am and any time before your event to setup your event. Our operations team will be in touch with you the week of the event to give you additional details regarding our arrival time. Please refer to your contract for more details on the drop off time and other details.

Q: Do we have to pay a deposit and sign the contract?
A: Absolutely. Paying the deposit and signing the contract is what guarantees your rental. If your agreement is not signed and/or we do not receive a deposit, we may not be able to come to your event (unless prior written arrangements have been made).

Q: How big of a space do I need for the items I rented?
A: This really depends on the type of rental, how many people you're expecting, whether food will be served, etc. If you haven’t done so already, talk to your sales representative about the space needed for your items. You can also look at the bottom of each product page on this website for attraction dimensions.

Q: Do I have to provide power or do you bring generators?
A: Power requirements can be found within your contract. If you are providing power, you must have the identified number of circuits available that is listed on your contract within 100’ of where the attraction is to be placed. If you do not have power available, we can provide generator power for an additional cost. Call your sales representative for pricing and more information. If you have questions about power, click here to read our blog article "All About Power." 

Q: Do I have to call MISS DIGG? What is it?
A: MISS DIGG is a free service inc Michigan that anyone can use if you plan on penetrating the ground in any way shape or form, including stakes (one of the ways we anchor inflatables). Please refer to your contract to see if we are using stakes at your event. MISS DIGG sends crews out to identify underground utilities before you dig or stake in the ground. You can call MISS DIGG simply by dialing 811 on any phone within Michigan.

Q: How do I pay the rest of my balance on the day of the event?
A: You can pay 3 different ways; 1) Give a check to the driver, 2) Give cash to the driver or 3) Pay online using the same link that was sent to you with your contract. Drivers cannot process credit cards on site.

Q: What happens if it rains?
A: Please see your contract in regards to your individual events rain policy. Generally, events that get rained out can use their deposit towards another event booked within 90 days of the rained out event but the deposit shall not be refunded.

Q: If my rental equipment is dropped off, do I have to stay with it?
A: Yes, you must stay with our equipment at all times while it is in your possession. Please remember, you are responsible for whatever equipment we drop off.

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