Why Book a Casino Party?

Why Book a Casino Party?

By ACP Entertainment | March 7, 2024

People having fun playing black jack casino party game

Are you wanting the feel of a Las Vegas casino at your next party or event but don’t have the budget to fly your entire guest list to Vegas? Bring the casino party to you with our casino party rentals! Now we obviously can’t bring the total atmosphere of Las Vegas to your event, but we can sure bring the casino games and the dealers directly to you.


At ACP Entertainment, we offer casino party rentals to the tune of a variety of casino game tables, the dealers to operate them and of course setup and delivery. Our event specialists will work with you to determine what and how many casino tables to bring to your event that fits well with your guests and your budget.


Casino games setup at eventThe games that we offer include Poker (Texas Hold ‘Em), Black Jack, Craps, Roulette and Money Wheel. Poker and Black Jack are the most popular games in terms of people who know how to play them. After that, Roulette is the next favorite and understood followed by Craps. Many people don’t understand the odds of Craps and Roulette, but especially Craps. Craps has what seems like a million different payouts which is difficult to learn and understand. Roulette has many different payouts as well but the player will typically only bet on what they understand. The most pictured games by far are craps and roulette. The giant roulette wheel and then pictures of someone throwing red clear dice across the table are iconic! Money Wheel is an alternative game to all of the others because it’s very easy for new players to understand and it takes very little math and no skill. It’s a great add-on if you think that you may have guests that may not be interested in learning other casino games.


Roulette wheel on roulette tableGenerally we recommend booking tables in this order: Black Jack, Poker, Roulette, Craps. For example, if we were to book 5 tables for an event, we’d probably recommend 3 Black Jack, 1 Poker and 1 Roulette table. If you had 8 tables, we’d recommend 4 Black Jack, 2 Poker, 1 Roulette and 1 Craps. These recommendations vary but as you can see, we recommend leaning heavily on black jack as it’s the game most are familiar with and it’s fun to play.


Why should you consider booking a casino party?

  1. Fun for All Adults: Casino parties are not just for the experienced gamblers. With games ranging from poker to blackjack and roulette to craps, there’s a casino game for everyone. Whether your guests are casino aficionados or novices looking to try their luck, the inclusivity of a fun casino party atmosphere is attracting for most any partygoer.


  1. Social Interaction and Networking: Casinos naturally foster social interaction. The dynamic and engaging nature of casino games encourages guests to interact with each other, fostering a lively atmosphere. This not only enhances the overall enjoyment of the event but also provides an excellent opportunity for networking in a relaxed setting.


  1. Themed Decor and Atmosphere: A casino-themed event offers the opportunity to decorate in a glamorous and sophisticated way. The classic red and black color scheme, along with iconic casino decorations, instantly transforms any venue into a high-energy entertainment hub. The immersive atmosphere created by the thematic decor ensures that guests are transported to a world of excitement and luxury.


  1. No Gambling Risks: Casino parties operate with no real money, just chips. Having no real money elements involved eliminates the financial risks associated with real gambling and thus relaxes your guests and makes them more apt to learning and trying something new. It’s all about the entertainment value, making it a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone involved.


  1. casino dealers having fun with playersProfessional Dealers: To enhance the authenticity of the casino experience, our professional dealers run each game for you. These experienced dealers not only ensure that the games run smoothly but also provide guidance for those who may be less familiar with how to play. Our dealers are fun too, not stingy boring and serious dealers like you may find at the casino. Just like there’s no stress on the players end, there’s no stress on the dealers end-it’s all play money!


Top view of poker casino tablesIn Michigan, casino parties are completely legal when those events do not involve actual gambling with real money. This distinction ensures compliance with Michigan’s gaming laws, allowing individuals and businesses to host casino-themed events without running afoul of any legal restrictions. There are ways to play with real money but that involves getting the Michigan Gambling Control Board involved. The only events that the MGCB grants temporary gambling permits is established 501C3 organizations. For more information about legally retaining permits for a casino event with real money, visit https://www.michigan.gov/mgcb.


In the world of event planning, the key to success lies in creating experiences that leave a lasting impression. Casino parties offer a winning formula by combining entertainment, social interaction, and a touch of glamour. Whether you’re aiming to impress clients, celebrate a milestone, or simply provide a night of fun for your employees, a casino party is a sure bet for an unforgettable event.


For more information on booking a casino party with ACP Entertainment, please call or email our event planning specialists to get started.

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