Why We Book Out So Early

Why We Book Out So Early

By ACP Entertainment | January 5, 2024

“We only take what we know we can accommodate while maintaining the highest level of quality possible.”


Large event company in MichiganIf you’re getting a quote from us or have booked an event with us in the past, you may have heard us say something like, “We recommend booking as soon as possible, we book up quickly.” Sounds like a sales pitch line right? Shoot (said in the best western accent possible), it’s a fantastic sales pitch for a company looking to get the sale as quickly as possible. However at ACP Entertainment, it’s completely true. We really mean it, we don’t have unlimited availability for all dates. It breaks our heart to have to tell literally hundreds of customers a year “Sorry, we’re booked up that date,” so don’t let that be you!


On average we service about 600 events a year. A good 75% of those events are between the months of May and October which we consider our “in season” time. We slow down quite a bit for the Winter but we still do a fair amount of business in the cold months. Going back to that line of “we book up quickly,” it’s highly possible that the date you are looking for is on a weekend day. Weekends are the most popular time to host an event, so as you can imagine we’re pretty busy on the weekends. If your event isn’t on a weekend, fantastic! We love servicing weekday events. However, some weekdays book up just as fast as weekend days. But why is this that we book up so early and so fast?


Party in the Park by ACP EntertainmentIn 2023 we celebrated our 15th anniversary and so as we go into our 16th year of business, as you can imagine, we have a lot of repeat customers and events. Some of those repeat events call us just a few days after their event took place to book us for their event next year. This doesn’t happen all of the times, but we do have a handful of customers that do. Most, however, will call 4-8 months in advance to book. With all of those events booking, days fill up pretty quickly and unfortunately we’re limited on what we can do based on available staff and equipment.


If we had unlimited staff, we’d be able to take on 4 times the amount of work that we are doing right now-it’d be fantastic! However the reality is we have a limited staff and they’re all really good at their job. In fact, we get some of the most amazing feedback from our customers bragging about how incredible our staff is, so we brag on them too! Anyways, back on track here.


Kids riding rental pirate ship rideAnother reason we book up quickly is because we don’t take any and every event that comes away. We literally have to say no to hundreds of events a year. We only take what we know we can accommodate while maintaining the highest level of quality possible. In other words, we don’t skimp out. This is just one of the reasons that makes ACP Entertainment the best amusement rental provider in the state of Michigan-and the biggest!


To sum it all up, please book your event early. It’s not a sales pitch and it’s not a scare tactic. We want you to be able to book your event on the date that you want with the attractions that you want.


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