Poker/Texas Hold'Em

Poker is probably the most associated table game with a casino but now a days, rarely is the actual game of poker played. Instead, it’s been replaced with games like Razz, Omaha and the most popular- Texas Hold’Em. Our poker tables are a fantastic addition to your casino party event and can be rented alone or with Texas Hold’Em dealers. Call us today to book your party, ask questions or to find out pricing information! *These tables are sit down height and the rental price does not include chairs


Pictures that are shown above are actual pictures of our Poker/Texas Hold’Em tables. Poker casino tables are available for rent in Grand Rapids, MI and surrounding West Michigan cities.

Quick Facts

Size 8Wx3Dx3H
Power N/A
Capacity 8
Throughput N/A
Operators 1 (included)
Price N/A

How To Play Texas Hold’Em


As mentioned above, there are many games can be played on our poker tables. The most common and well-known game for this table type is Texas Hold’Em. This is a relatively easy game to learn over the course of playing a couple hands and our dealers are more than willing to explain how to play the game to new players.


At the beginning of the game, all of the players sitting around the table will be dealt 2 cards faced down which is known as the ‘hole cards.’ After the players are dealt their cards and had a chance to take a look at them, the first round of betting starts in which players can Check, Bet or Fold. When the betting has finished, three cards are revealed by the dealer in the middle of the table which is called the ‘flop.’ After that, there is another round of betting followed by the reveal of another card in the center of the table. The betting and card revealing process is repeated once again for the final time.


Now the ultimate goal is to create a well ranking hand with the combination of the ‘hole’ cards and the cards in the middle of the table.  For a complete listing of poker hand rankings, Click Here. There are two ways you can end a game. You can either turn over your cards revealing your ranking (called a show down) or bet enough and hope that someone else folds. Thats the best part of the game, you don’t need to have the best hand, you just need to have the best poker face! To learn more about how to play the game of Texas Hold’Em, Click Here.

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