NEW-Ice Skating Rink Rentals

NEW-Ice Skating Rink Rentals

By ACP Entertainment | August 7, 2022


ACP Entertainment is excited to announce the arrival of our newest Winter attraction; the Synthetic Ice Skating Experience. This new skating rink rental attraction is indeed an experience like nothing we’ve ever offered before with a 36’x40′ skating rink rental, adirondack chairs for skaters to take a break from skating, benches to put on/take off skates, ice skate ‘rental’/distribution station, music, lights and fencing.


assembling synthetic ice rink

What is a Synthetic Ice Rink Rental you ask? Instead of having a conventional ice skating rink that requires hundreds of gallons of water, special freezing systems and days to freeze and solidify, the synthetic ice rink rental is assembled and ready to use in just about two hours. The panels are 4’x4′ and snap together like a puzzle to form the entire rink. No freezing necessary! In fact, our ice rink can be installed indoors our or outdoors, used in cold or warm temperatures and can even be used in rain and snow!



Our Synthetic Ice Skating Experience makes its debut in November of 2022 and will be available for events all winter long in Michigan, Indiana, Illinois and Ohio. For more information and details about the ice rink rental, Click Here.

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