What Types of Inflatables Do We Rent?

By Evan LaVigne | June 21, 2018

Here at ACP, we know just how fun summer events can be. To bring the excitement to any event, we offer a wide variety of inflatables. With a selection of over 40 inflatables, there can be a bit of confusion as to how these inflatables are categorized and what is best suited for a particular event. While our events specialists can best suggest inflatables in person or over the phone, this post serves as a guide to our bounce houses, interactives, slides, and endless inflatable fun.

Categories of Inflatables We Carry

Our inflatable inventory can be divided into five main categories that separate units by defining features and functional purposes.

  • Bounce House/Moonwalks
  • Combos
  • Slides
  • Interactives
  • Obstacle Courses

Bounce House/Moonwalks

Camo Bounce inflatable rentalmod-pink-castle-bouncer

Bounce Houses, also commonly referred to as moonwalks, are the typical unit that comes to mind when imagining an inflatable at a party. These standard units can accommodate for a range of 3 – 8 jumpers at a time. The number of jumpers changes depending on the exact unit, age, and the height of participants. Bounce Houses typically feature enclosed roofs, netted walls, and zippered entrances for safety. ACP carries multiple bounce house units featured here on our website.


Wacky combo inflatable setup in gymnasiumJump-n-Slide inflatable combo bounce house

The main attraction of a combo unit is its flexibility as an inflatable since they feature both a jumping area as well as a slide. Most combo units will contain an entrance to a stairway inside of the unit and will lead to a slide that either ends sliders back inside the unit or on the outside of the unit. This style adds another layer of fun to the bounce house experience and is excellent for older jumpers looking for more activity from a unit. Our combo units can be found here at


kids-waiting-in-line-for-screamer-slideInflatable slide

Slides are great pieces for more significant events like school events or corporate picnics. Featuring stairways with adequate steps and straps to climb up with, slides are a thrilling adventure that is sure to catch the eye of everybody within sight. ACP carries varying sizes to compliment any event. Our slide heights range from a 14-foot water slide with one lane to a 24-foot screamer slide with two lanes. We also carry specialty units such as a slip ‘n’ Slide and our 28-foot Kongo Krazy. All of our slides can be seen at


Cropped leaps and bounds inflatable

The Interactive category contains an impressive breadth of units from the ever popular Human Hamster Balls, and Human Foosball to one of our newest attractions, Hoverball Archery. Interactives bring the action for eager participants, whether aiming foam-tipped arrows at levitating targets or letting participants strap in and race to collect all the balls on our Hippo Chowdown. If interested in an interactive unit, check them out here at

Obstacle Courses


Our selection of obstacle courses is a fan favorite, especially for those more competitively inclined. These units pit two opponents against each other in a race around and through a series of obstacles designed to impede victory. Many obstacle units include a small slide and can be paired together with others to reach courses as long as 70 feet plus! Take a look through our obstacle course inventory here at

Along with our selection of bounce houses and other inflatables, we offer much more for your event. Whether it is a carnival game or our mechanical bull, we have what you need for your next game. Have any special requests or concerns about a particular unit? Get in touch with us at . We are dedicated to making sure that your event is memorable for you and your guests!

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