Fly Away Bounce Houses

By Ryan Strayhorn | February 15, 2019

Fly Away Bounce Houses We’ve all seen the news stories titled “bounce houses go airborne” or “fly away bounce houses.” Scary, right? It absolutely is. The fact is inflatables “going airborne” in high wind conditions is absolutely possible however it can be prevented. But how? If these two simple steps are followed, there would never be another […]

Book your event early

How Far in Advance Should I Book an Event?

By Ryan Strayhorn | February 5, 2019

A question that is commonly asked of our booking staff is “How far in advance do I need to book?” Unfortunately, that question often comes too late as they are starting the planning process the week or two before the event. 1 or 2 weeks before your event is (usually) too late to book-especially for […]

How to Increase Your Events Value

By Ryan Strayhorn | January 14, 2019

I know what you’re thinking, “My event is free for my guests, how am I supposed to increase the value with no extra budget?!” Well increasing value of your event doesn’t mean you have to pay more for it. When we say to increase the value of your event, we are talking about the perceived value. Every […]

New for 2019

By Ryan Strayhorn | January 7, 2019

Happy New Year from all of us at ACP Entertainment! With the new year comes new attractions and activities. Being in an industry where the same equipment is used event after event, year after year, equipment gets older and beat up in time. We combat that by replacing our equipment before it even gets to […]


What Types of Inflatables Do We Rent?

By Evan LaVigne | June 21, 2018

Here at ACP, we know just how fun summer events can be. To bring the excitement to any event, we offer a wide variety of inflatables. With a selection of over 40 inflatables, there can be a bit of confusion as to how these inflatables are categorized and what is best suited for a particular […]

Why aren’t our prices published online?

By Ryan Strayhorn | April 26, 2018

We often get the question, “Why aren’t your prices published online?” In the internet age that we live in, products, information and shopping are available at our fingertips. With websites like Amazon, users can search and buy an item in under a minute and then have it shipped to them in 2 days-how times have […]

Barnyard Bounce House

What Weather is Safe For A Bounce House?

By Evan LaVigne | April 9, 2018

Here at ACP Entertainment, we provide a variety of services and products for events ranging from a backyard party to large full-service corporate events. A staple of Summertime fun in our inventory is the bounce house. Sometimes called moonwalks or just the “bouncy thing,” most people have a fun childhood memory of soaring through the […]

Ballistic Hard Ride

Carnival Rides – A Quick 101

By Evan LaVigne | February 17, 2018

Whether it’s the rush of flying through the air or the thrill of reaching new heights in a pirate ship, carnival rides (also referred to as “hard rides”) are a staple of American Summertime fun. Here at ACP, we have multiple portable hard rides that can be rented out all year long. We specialize in […]

10th Anniversary Catalog

2018 Catalog- Now Available in Print or Digitally!

By Ryan Strayhorn | January 27, 2018

ACP Entertainment’s 2018 catalog is now available in print and digitally. Our catalog is a fantastic tool to help plan your upcoming event! If you’d like to view the catalog now, Click Here! If you’d like to receive a physical copy of the catalog, please give our office a call at 616-826-8220 and we’d be […]

What to Look for in an Entertainment Provider

By Ryan Strayhorn | January 11, 2018

“What should I be looking for when choosing an entertainment provider? Isn’t it all the same?”   Our goal for every event that we have the pleasure of being a part of is to create lasting memories, but we also strive for a clean and safe environment. When choosing a company to provide entertainment services, […]

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