New for 2020

New for 2020

By ACP Entertainment | January 2, 2020

*PLEASE NOTE* This blog article is from early 2020. We’ve had a lot of changes in our inventory and may not have some of the items listed in this article. We’re constantly updating our inventory to stay fresh, new and exciting! 


Every year at ACP Entertainment, we add many new attractions or activities to our lineup to mix up our inventory for the next season of fun filled events. This year is a special year as it’s the start of a new decade, so wouldn’t it be cool to have 20 new games and attractions for 2020? That’s exactly what we did! ACP Entertainment is proud to announce the addition of 20 new items for 2020, featuring a broad mix of rides, inflatables and other activities. (To see the entire lineup, click here)


People riding Hypnotic rideLet’s start off the announcement with a bang which would be introducing the new carnival and adventure rides being added to the roster for 2020. First up is the spectacular thrill ride, (1) Hypnotic. Hypnotic puts up to 10 riders into a thrilling trance while slowly spinning and rocking them back and forth. We are also introducing an all new (2) Ballistic Swing due to its popular demand. This Ballistic features an all new color scheme, new lighting and a crown of lights adding even more lighting than before. The next thrill ride in the carnival category is (3) Mind Winder which is best described as a mix of Spin Cycle and Ballistic. Riders on Mind Winder sit across from each other and spin the ride vehicle while going around in circles. This ride is set to be manufactured in March of 2020 and will be ready for events in April. Another attraction that is not quite finished yet is the new (4) Velocity Super Slide which is a 26′ tall and 65′ long fiberglass slide. The Velocity Super Slide is the first rental fiberglass slide in Michigan and is currently being refurbished to sport the vibrant colors of red, yellow, green, blue and pink. Finally in the ride category is the new (5) Carnival Trackless Train. Our classic trackless train is such a hit that we decided to add a second one to the lineup, but unlike the classic train the carnival train will feature bright and vibrant colors. This train is also electric which gives us the ability to run the train indoors. The carnival train will be available in April of 2020.


Wacky Bounce ComboThe next category of new attractions for 2020 is our inflatables category. To kick the category off, we introduced an inflatable (6) Corn Maze that is 40’x40′ and is good for all ages! The corn maze is also fully accessible with wheelchairs and medical scooters. Replacing our fan favorite 24′ Screamer Slide is the all new (7) 24′ Commander Slide and also replacing the ever so popular Wacky Combo is the (8) Wacky Bounce Combo. Three new obstacle course challenges were added for 2019 as well bringing our total obstacle course count to 7 different units or variations. The new obstacle courses include the (9) Double O-7, (10) Double Back and the (11) J-Course. In the interactive category, we’ve added (12) EZ Beats Drum Challenge and (13) Inflatable Axe Throwing (double or single lane available)-both incredibly exciting games!


Guy riding on wacky trikesWe’ve also added multiple new games and activities; some classic and some brand new concepts! First up is a replacement to our traditional enclosed photo booth which is our new (14) Digital Photo booth. Instead of printing pictures, the new digital photo booth sends pictures, gifs, boomerangs or video clips directly to you via text or email. Also adding to the lineup is (15) Wacky Trikes, an attraction where teens and adults can act like a kid again while racing trikes around a coned off course! Last year we introduced the digital game lineup and this year we are adding to it with the (16) Bounce-a-Ball game which is most similar to the Slam Dunk digital game. The ever so classic carnival game of throwing bean bags to pop balloons is here and it’s called (17) Balloon Blast! Another classic game blown up to be larger than life is our (18) Giant Pong game, appropriately named for all ages. And last but not least, we added 4 new arcade games for the 2020 lineup. With 2 of each game available, (19) Roll-n-Jump Skee Ball and (20) At the Buzzer Basketball are both incredibly fun but also visually stunning with an incredible LED package on each game.


With 20 new attractions for 2020, we’re incredibly excited about the upcoming season that kicks off the decade and we’re thrilled that you’ve chosen us to be your event provider/partner. We look forward to bringing the fun to your event in 2020!

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