Company Events

ACP Entertainment provides entertainment services for any type of company event whether it’s a company picnic, employee appreciation event or team building activity-we can help!

Planning a company picnic, Christmas party or any other event can be incredibly stressful. Having to coordinate with the caterer, kids entertainment, adult entertainment, facility rental and all of those small details that are often forgotten about is an incredibly huge task. Instead of tackling that monster of a task by yourself, let ACP Entertainment take it over and make you look like an event planning hero!

ACP Entertainment specializes in Turn Key Event Planning and can plan your company picnic from start to finish; the best part, it’s FREE when you bundle our services! Our experienced event planners will work one on one with you and handle as much or as little of your company picnic as you would like. Let us do the hard work while you sit back and enjoy the event yourself-you deserve it! For more details on how ACP Entertainment can make your event the easiest event you’ve ever planned, give us a call at 616-826-8220.

Looking for catering services for your company picnic? We have our own in house catering company that can handle all of your company picnic catering needs. Click Here to learn more! 

Below are just a few of our recommended attractions and services for company events:

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