Mini Donuts

Bring fresh and hot donuts to your next events with our Mini Donut setup! Cook up to 1000 donuts per hour in this oven, put them in a bag, shake it around with the seasoning and serve hot and fresh!


We recommend serving 6 donuts in each bag (serving). Rental pricing includes the machine, table gloves and supplies needed to make and serve the donuts. Serving prices include the donuts, seasoning and bags.


Rental Price: $150
$3 per serving (4 donuts per serving), sold in packs of 100 servings


*Please note, we only rent concession machines with other equipment and services. We do not rent out concession machines alone. 

Quick Facts

Size 4'Wx4'Dx4'H
Power 1-20 Amp Circuit, Regular Outlet
Capacity N/A
Throughput N/A
Operators 1 (not included)
Price $150+Servings
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