Face to Face Climbing Wall

Rock walls are a classic attractions, everyone loves to see if they can make it to the top. With Face to Face, the rock climbing experience is elevated to an entirely new level! The Face to Face Climbing Wall Race has to participants climbing up at the same time….facing each other through plexiglass! Thats right, the participants can SEE ? each other as they climb! The participant that makes it to the top first and hits their button wins! The lights on the outside of the wall will flash either red or blue to represent who the winner is.


If you’re looking for an epic challenge for pre-teens, teens and adults, this is your ticket! This is a high intensity and thrilling challenge that is not only fun to do but also fun to watch. Rent the Face to Face climbing wall for your next event anywhere in Michigan!

Quick Facts

Size 15'W x 38'L x 23'H
Power 1-20 Amp Circuit, Regular Outlet
Capacity 2
Throughput 75 Riders Per Hour
Operators 1- Included
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