What's New?

The last few years have been quite the roller coaster, haven't they? As we go into the 2022 season, we're thrilled to announce one of the biggest roll outs of new attractions we've ever had. Before we go into what's new, we'd like to take a moment to thank all of our incredible and loyal customers who stuck with us through the thick of the pandemic and continue to support us as we move forward. It's because of our dedicated and loyal customers that we are able to continue to offer the best and newest attractions in the industry to events all over Michigan!

This year we are excited to announce the addition of five new carnival rides including our biggest ride to date, a brand new 40' Ferris Wheel. Our ferris wheel is built by Wisdom Rides in Colorado and is the first rental only ferris wheel in Michigan. We're also introducing a mini drop tower called "Frog Hopper" which is a very well known attraction. In addition to the ferris wheel and the Frog Hopper, we're also adding a funhouse walk-through attraction, kiddie ferris wheel called "Little Wheel," and "Phantom's Revenge" which is a replacement for the ever so popular "Pirates Revenge."

In addition to new carnival rides, we are also adding 5 new inflatables including an extra large inflatable basketball game called "Shooting Stars" and a double lane 18' Slide. To add some eye candy (pun intended) to your event, we've added a beautiful "Gumball Machine Bouncer" to our lineup as well. A new "Cow Belly Bouncer" and water slide called "Big Kahuna" will also join the incredible selection of inflatable rentals here at ACP.

Last but not least, we are adding a whole slew of digital and carnival games to our activities selection. In our digital game lineup, we are adding "The Vault" along with "Mega Wire" and the first water digital game, "Spray 'n' Race." Joining our carnival game lineup, we're adding a giant duck pond, giant coke bottle ring toss and a giant wiffle ball game that are all about 4'x4' in size.

We look forward to bringing some of our new attractions and activities to your next event in 2022!

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