Why aren't our prices published online?

Why aren’t our prices published online?

By ACP Entertainment | April 26, 2018

We often get the question, “Why aren’t your prices published online?” In the internet age that we live in, products, information and shopping are available at our fingertips. With websites like Amazon, users can search and buy an item in under a minute and then have it shipped to them in 2 days-how times have […]

Barnyard Bounce House

What Weather is Safe For A Bounce House?

By Evan LaVigne | April 9, 2018

Here at ACP Entertainment, we provide a variety of services and products for events ranging from a backyard party to large full-service corporate events. A staple of Summertime fun in our inventory is the bounce house. Sometimes called moonwalks or just the “bouncy thing,” most people have a fun childhood memory of soaring through the […]

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