Why aren't our prices published online?

Why aren’t our prices published online?

By ACP Entertainment | April 26, 2018

We often get the question, “Why aren’t your prices published online?” In the internet age that we live in, products, information and shopping are available at our fingertips. With websites like Amazon, users can search and buy an item in under a minute and then have it shipped to them in 2 days-how times have changed! In the world of events, it isn’t quite that easy due to the variables of every event.


While we definitely have set base pricing, there are factors that can alter the pricing like whether staffing is required, how long the event is and where the event is located. If you’re calling for an event that is 3 hours away from our location, runs 6 hours and you need us to provide staff for all of the attractions, it is definitely going to be cheaper than an event that is 10 minutes away, 4 hours and are planning on providing volunteers.


Another factor and reason that we do not have pricing listed is every event is unique and we want to have the opportunity to help you pick out the best attractions and services for your event as possible. At ACP Entertainment, our event specialists book over 500 events a year and every one of those events is made customer for their specific event-there is no cookie cutter setup!


So how do you move forward with getting a quote and planning your event? Give our office a call at 616-826-8220 and speak to one of our event planners. They’re ready and excited to help you plan the most Memorable Event ever!



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