Free Sanitizing Stations

Free Sanitizing Stations

By ACP Entertainment | May 20, 2020

We’ve been a little quiet lately, but we figured the last thing you need to read is another “COVID-19 Response.” We’ve been silent but very busy during this lockdown looking towards the future. Our world is forever changed due to the Coronavirus pandemic but that doesn’t mean we will stop moving forward, so we’ll continue to adapt and press on. The landscape of the event industry will be changing and evolving once again to ensure the safety and health of event attendees.


Cleaning ControlsAt ACP Entertainment, we’ve always taken cleanliness and sanitation very seriously but we’ve upped our game to ensure the health and safety of everyone. It is normal procedure for us to wipe down our rides, games and inflatables before and/or after every event with a disinfecting and cleaning solution-this procedure will mainly remain the same. We have reviewed our cleaning and disinfecting policy and worked with the manufacturer of the cleaning solution to ensure that our procedures a proper for disinfecting. In addition to our strict cleaning policy, we are also adding new personal protection measures for guests.


hand sanitizer stations

New for 2020, ACP Entertainment will now be providing free hand sanitizer stations at events. In order to qualify for these free hand sanitizer stations, our team members must be staffing the event in some way or another. For example, if you have a carnival ride at your event, our team members automatically staff those so you will get a hand sanitizer station at no cost to you. Same situation if you have an inflatable that is staffed, a hand sanitizer station will be provided. If your event does not have our staff and you still want a hand sanitizer station, they will also be available for rental. Each hand sanitizing station has two dispensers filled with Purell foaming hand sanitizer with a 70% alcohol content (CDC recommends 60% or greater). The dispensers are manual pumps instead of automatic so that they can be outside without any repercussions of electrical failure in the case of rain.


We will also be providing sanitizing wipes for riders to wipe down their seat and/or handles on carnival rides. The wipes will be hung on the carnival ride fencing near the entrance of the ride and the ride operator will come around with a trash can to collect the used wipes before the ride starts. Using these wipes will be at the discretion of each individual rider and will not be required of them. The free hand sanitizer stand and ride sanitizing wipe policy will be in effect through at least 2020 but will most likely extend to 2021 events as well.


As always, we are dedicated to providing a safe, fun and memorable experience for you and your guests. While we are uncertain of what the future will hold, but we will continue to innovate and adapt with the ever changing landscape. We appreciate your continued support of our business and look forward to serving you again, whether in 2020 or 2021!

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