New for 2019

New for 2019

By ACP Entertainment | January 7, 2019

*PLEASE NOTE* This blog article is from early 2019. We’ve had a lot of changes in our inventory and may not have some of the items listed in this article. We’re constantly updating our inventory to stay fresh, new and exciting! 


Happy New Year from all of us at ACP Entertainment! With the new year comes new attractions and activities. Being in an industry where the same equipment is used event after event, year after year, equipment gets older and beat up in time. We combat that by replacing our equipment before it even gets to the point where it starts to look old and beat up. This is not a practice commonly found in our industry locally or nationwide. Beyond keeping equipment new, we proudly welcome customers back year after year and we help them keep their event fresh, new and exciting by introducing the latest and greatest games and activities to use at their events. With that being said, we have a whole load of new attractions and activities for your upcoming event!


Carnival Rides

Joining the rapidly growing line of carnival rides at ACP Entertainment is the new Spin Cycle (Turbo Tubs) Ride, Spinning Berry Ride (pictured on the right) and a Mechanical Hog ride. The Spin Cycle and Spinning Berry rides are considered family rides; not necessarily for the thrill seekers but something that’s been highly requested by our customers. Family rides are defined as rides that are acceptable for the younger generations while still able to accommodate the older generation to enjoy it along side the kids. The Spin Cycle ride can accommodate 18 riders at once and has a minimum height requirement of 32″ while the Spinning Berry accommodates 4-6 riders at once with no heigh requirement. The Mechanical Hog, hilariously referred to as Chris P. Bacon, is an attachment ride for a mechanical bull motion base just like our Mechanical Bulldog.



Digital Game Line (NEW)

Stike a Light GameWe’re introducing an all new line of activities called our Digital Game line for 2019! These games are highly portable, playable by all age ranges and a whole lot of fun! In this new line of Digital Games we have Strike-a-Light, Pixel Play, Slam Dunk, Playback and Top Doc. These games all show similar qualities to arcade games but are designed and built for the rental industry. The games are very portable, can go in any door and can setup and tear down in just minutes!




InflatablesBobbing for Apples

Some new inflatables that we are introducing for the 2019 season is a Superhero’s bouncer, Batter’s Up T-Ball game, 33′ Obstacle Course and Bobbing for Apples. Bobbing for Apples is an apple orchard-themed inflatable that is very similar to our very popular Hippo Chow Down in which the players run to the center to collect as many apples as they can by returning them to their basket all while connected to a bungee cord. The Batters Up is a monstrous baseball themed inflatable that is great for any age (it’s quite challenging! Our 33′ Obstacle Course joins our ever so popular line of medium sized obstacle courses and our Superhero jump adds to our ever growing lineup of bounce houses. Incorporate any and all of these inflatables into your next events theme!


We also added a couple of new carnival games, 1 more new dunk tank (2 now available),  5 new casino games, and another mechanical bull (2 now available). That makes just over 20 new games or attractions for 2019! See our entire lineup of new games and attractions for 2019 on our “What’s New” page by Clicking Here. 


We look forward to serving you and your guests this upcoming year and we thank you for your continued business and support!


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